Volleyball Tie Breaker Criteria:

1. Win Percentage 

2. Head to Head; Matches

2. Head to Head; Games

3. Head to Head; Total Points "For"

4. Three or more way tie

     Same as above only involving tied teams.

5. Coin Flip

Football Tie Breaker Criteria:

2 Way Tie  

    a. Head to Head

Three or more way tie

    a. Taylor points with teams involved.  It two way tie following this, then head to head.

    b. If a tie still exists between 3 or more teams then Taylor points for all Conference games.

    c. Coin Flip


Basketball Tie Breaker Criteria:

     2 Team Tie                                                                More than 2 Teams          

1.  Head to Head                                                        1. Head to Head

2. Taylor Points Between Tied Teams                    2. Taylor Points Between Tied Teams

3. Overall Conference Taylor Points                      3. Coin Flip

4. Coin Flip

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